Plural for an act or series of acts performed according to a traditional or prescribed form.

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Another way to say Religious Ceremony? Synonyms for Religious Ceremony (other words and phrases for Religious Ceremony).

Synonyms for CEREMONY: ritual, ceremonial, observance, rite, celebration, tradition, formality, solemnity, practice, form.

. The 14th annual Field of Honor, hosted by the Exchange Club of. 1.

: a formal act or series of acts prescribed by ritual, protocol, or convention.

Synonyms for Opening ceremony. customs. 2 hours ago · What to know: Before the parade starts, there will be a wreath-laying ceremony at 9 a.

59. Synonyms for HONORING: gracing, accepting, clearing, passing, dignifying, distinguishing, elevating, ennobling; Antonyms for HONORING: censuring, blemishing.

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Here's a list of from our thesaurus that you can use instead. 1 synonym for honoring: observance.

. ceremonies.

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Synonyms of ceremony. . .

synonyms. . commencement. The actor said "I do" to writer and director Molly Schreiber at the. Attitude is Everything: This perfect sentiment on a perfect, engravable plaque is spot-on for that employee who always focuses on the positive.


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An act or series of acts performed according to a traditional or prescribed form.


Excellence in_______________ (fill in the blank) Award.